The yummy dosas and the easy-to-wear chuddidars have floored Patricia V. Schwacha, an eye specialist of Major rank in the Army of Germany.

The doctor, who is on a five-week tour to L.V. Prasad Eye Hospital here to study patient care for people from the lower strata of society, says the warmth and hospitality she is getting during her India visit is simply superb.

Dr. Patricia has picked up several chuddidars to gift to her near and dear in her homeland. “I want to buy more but unfortunately there is a restriction on total weight of baggage,” she points out. She wants to try her hand in preparing dosas on her return to Germany.

“Indian saris are beautiful but I find them difficult to wear. But the chuddidars are quite comfortable,” she opines and wonders how she will cope with extremely cold climate back home as she got used to hot and humid conditions in India.


Dr. Patricia from Ulm Hospital came here to find out awareness level among the poor on eye diseases and as to how they are able to take post-operative care.

She had experience in camps run by Germany as part of humanitarian help in Afghanistan and Kosovo and is confident that her experience will be useful during her overseas postings. Her visit to the city will come to an end on December 10. During a chat with The Hindu, she says the eye problems experienced by the poor in India and Afghanistan and Kosovo are more or less same. Unfortunately, many patients consult a specialist only when their problem aggravates.

“I have seen several patients here suffering from bleeding, membrane, trauma and open glow. Several stone cutters face bleeding problems due to particles which gain entry into the eyes. If such problems are not diagnosed early, there is a risk of losing the vision,” she says.

She is very happy with what she learnt here.

“The patients here get good guidance by trained counsellors. Tests are conducted by equipment of international standards, which we use in Germany. The patients are also taught well on post-operative care,” she states.

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