Solid waste management (SWM) has been a tricky issue for long and lifting the garbage daily from the nook and corner to keep Visakhapatnam clean is a big task. Several initiatives have been launched from time to time to reduce the time, money and fuel spent on transporting the garbage to Kapuluppada dumping yard.

Dumper bins have been introduced doing away with dustbins. The dumper bins filled with garbage are supposed to be replaced every day with empty bins. When the garbage is not picked up at the doorstep, residents throw the garbage at the bin from a distance.

With the delay in shifting the bin, garbage is strewn around it. With the bin located on the busy NAD-Gopalapatnam Road, it is a problem for pedestrians and others passing by it.

The sanitation workers struck work on Monday opposing the GVMC handing over SWM to Ramky Enviro Engineers. Tuesday turned out to be worse with garbage piling up. Busy roads are no exception. The sooner GVMC gets its act together for disposal of garbage locally and puts in place the necessary collection, the better for citizens.

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