A huge heap of garbage and silt on the main road at Shivajipalem Road on the way to Shivaji Park stares one in the face. With the emphasis on keeping the roads clean and garbage-free, such sore sights hardly add to the image of the city.

It has always been the case that whenever the drains are cleared they remain there without being lifted. The general excuse given is that they need to be dry before they are lifted.

The heaps are a common sight even on thoroughfares like Sitampeta on the way from Gurudwara to Dwarakanagar. There are several plans to widen and beautify several roads spending huge amounts of money. But cleanliness should precede such cosmetic changes on which lot of money is supposed to be spent. Apart from cleanliness, garbage and silt removed from drains left on the roads cause health hazards.

Civic authorities with big plans for city should find a system that works for prompt sanitation measures. The city has of late been using small pick-up truck for lifting garbage easing the position on availability of vehicles. The Global Positioning System the corporation plans to introduce for water tankers should also be extended to sanitation to track their movement and accountability.

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