Director General of the Fishery Survey of India K. Vijaykumaran has expressed optimism that FSI will live up to its expectations regarding the conservation and exploitation of marine resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

At a function organised by the Forum of Fisheries Professionals (FOFP) here on Friday to felicitate him on his recent elevation as Director General, he said that the FSI would consider the plea for a uniform fishing holiday on the east and west coast after going into the ground realities. While admitting there were problems in the fishing industry, Dr. Vijaykumaran said they were mostly policy decisions that had to be taken up by the Ministry of Agriculture.

He, however, felt that public pressure would force the policy makers to reconsider the issues in the right perspective. He cited the example of the Coastal Management Zone (CMZ) notification that was withdrawn following stiff resistance from fishermen in different parts of the country.

FOFP president D. Imam Khasim presided. FOFP secretary U. Sreedhar and member M.M. Prasad spoke.

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