Collector promises solution after holding discussions with the city police

A solution is in sight for the problem people are facing whenever a dharna is held on a large-scale in front of the Collectorate here.

Traffic on the road opposite the Collectorate would be diverted via narrow alternate roads, people particularly the patients and attendants visiting the KGH and many private hospitals and nursing homes in the area, would be confused not knowing where to go or face tense moments as they get delayed and pensioners, members of general public visiting the Collectorate, State Bank of India’s branch and a Post Office on the premises of the Collectorate and even some government employees would be denied entry as the police close the main gate of the Collectorate to prevent the entry of protestors.

When this problem was brought to his notice on Monday, Collector V. Seshadri said a solution would be found and he would talk with the city police also to find a way out.

Public Grievances Day

On Monday, the Public Grievances Day when people from different parts of the district flock to the Collectorate to meet the Collector and other officials in person to submit their petitions and expect their problems solved, had to wait for a long time at the closed gates of the Collectorate pleading with the police personnel on duty to allow them in. The policemen were hesitant as if they open the gates for a few, a large number of protestors would also rush in. Thus the genuine petitioners, customers of the SBI and the post office had to wait for a long time, till the dharna by a political party concluded.

A proposal is pending for a long time to designate a place at a short distance from the Collectorate to hold a dharna or demonstration and a handful of people representing the political party or an organisation to come to the Collectorate for submitting the petition. Mr. Sheshadri is also considering the proposal.

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