Solutions may lead to another problem, says expert

How about finding your lost or stolen mobile phone yourself? Stop others accessing your personal records and files on your system; locate your vehicle at the parking lot in case if you had lost track of it; track where your friend stays; this and many more can be done either using an application or installing a software. When well-travelled ethical hacker and writer Ankit Fadia covered a gamut of topics about the other side of the digital world organised by CrazyHeads, the young audience, who filled the hall, made a note of the websites and relevant information which prevent them from getting hacked. On Sunday, Ankit spoke at length on how easily and instantly victims’ passwords can be hacked. “Staying in Mumbai remotely, one can infect the other system in a different location, send texts or make the files completely inaccessible to the user or decode the passwords of all necessary documents,” he said.

Explaining about the challenges in ethical hacking, he said, the solutions that were offered in ethical hacking might always lead to another problem. From decrypting the dotted password without use of any software to denying the access of personal information to other users and blocking and unblocking websites, the day-long session took the junior, degree and engineering college students, who came from Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and the city, through an interesting power point presentation to help control hacking. Ankit warns the mobile users against mobile phone spying. “In just a few minutes, an invisible icon ‘keylogger’ can be downloaded in your handset where the hacker can view or track your call logs, texts, so on and so forth. So, next time when your friend says that he or she wants to make a call from your mobile think twice.” He then explained how onion routing helps in encrypting the communication. “But there is no 100 per cent guarantee where ethical hacking is concerned and there is always a flip side to it which needs to be focused,” said Ankit. The team of CrazyHeads S. Vaibhav, Bharat, K. Bala Krishna, and Vineet were present.

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