In a flash strike, several GVMC drivers who operate vehicles that carry garbage absented themselves from work on Sunday.

Faced with the task of transporting garbage, the GVMC had to employ drivers from outsourcing agencies. The number of drivers who did not turn up for work was not available. In Zone III, 32 drivers absented themselves and in Zone IV their number was 35.

Angered at the absence without bringing any demand before him and prior information, and in gross neglect of duty related to public health, Municipal Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu ordered that charge memos be issued to them asking for an explanation on why they should not be removed from duties.

The main objection for the drivers staying away from work appeared to be the Commissioner's insistence on preventing wastage in fuel consumption that is estimated to be Rs.30 lakh to Rs.40 lakh per month.

Instead of supplying fuel to the vehicles on the basis of trips, irrespective of the distance, the Commissioner proposed that tanks be filled to capacity and monitor the consumption of diesel.

Supplying fuel was an administrative matter and drivers had nothing to do with it, Mr. Ramanjaneylu observed. In spite of meeting their demands after discussions with union leaders Venkata Reddy and Ananda Rao, it was unjustified to resort to strike.

Police complaint

Chief Medical Officer (Health) D. Abbulu lodged a complaint with the One Town police against three workers and a driver for obstructing outsourced drivers and behaving in a highhanded manner with them.

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