Youngsters of Sri Tirumala Nagar find the colony the perfect place to prepare for exams

The old arch at the entrance of the colony leaves a dull impression. However, a walk around the lanes of Sri Tirumala Nagar near Vadlapudi makes one spellbound.

Be it the mini-garden attached to the independent houses, direction board at every street corner, attractive duplex villas and apartments dotting the lanes, a park to relax, or uncluttered roads, the colony is sure to win your admiration.

Tucked some 25-km away from the city, the neighbourhood is a well organised residential hub on a piece of 31 acres of farmland.

Though the VUDA approved the area in 1996, it was only in 2003 the colony began to witness some activity with a few residents making the place their home.

Over a period of 10 years, the colony, with 150 independent houses and 15 apartment complexes, accommodates more than 500 residents.

Most of the men in the colony are employed in various units such as the VSP, the BHPV, the HSL, and HPCL Visakh Refinery.

The colony, now equipped with water, electricity, and streetlights, was once deprived of basic amenities. “Earlier, none was game to living in the colony as it lacked electricity, proper roads, and drinking water facility. Can you believe that in 2003 there was only one domestic electrical line that catered to eight households? Eventually, with the support of association members and authorities, the colony has gone through tremendous change,” says M. Narasinga Rao, president of the Sri Tirumala Nagar Welfare Association. Every Friday, women of the colony find their way to the weekly market at Lakshmipuram to stock their refrigerators with meat and vegetables.

They enjoy their evening walks and nurture gardening as their common interest. Many youngsters say the silence of the colony fascinates them.

“It is the right place to prepare for examinations as your mind is filled with absolute calmness.

“In terms of entertainment, we have a network of like-minded people to entertain us during festivals and special occasions,” says K. Alekhya, a young resident.

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