The condition of the roads continues to be in a bad shape in the city. Some of the roads have been re-laid after completing the underground drainage work and for some only patch work has been done. UGD work on the New Colony Road and Sankar Mutt Road has been going on for a long time.

The Sankar Mutt road had been full of craters for months together and those using it as an alternative for the busier Dwarkanagar road or need to go on it on some work or the other faced hardship for a long time though none could envy the plight of residents on the main road or the lane adjacent to it.

Of late, a layer of dust was put on both the New Colony and Sankar Mutt roads. This puts all users of the road to great inconvenience and two-wheeler drivers are the worst hit. The dust rising in layers affects visibility. Besides, the dust causes health problems to those suffering from allergies. With part of the road still closed for work, driving is a tough task. The dust, no need to say, is a problem for pedestrians and others too.

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