Solid waste management in several parts of the city, particularly in commercial areas and localities where poorer sections live, needs to be improved a lot. Sanitation has always been a recurring problem at the area around Fishing Harbour at Jalaripeta

The drying of fish next to a heap of garbage raises several questions on hygiene. While the fisherfolk should not dry the fish on the road, the municipal corporation also should lift the garbage from such areas more frequently. The garbage is heaped up at a place and there is no dumper bin. If residents are throwing garbage at a place regularly a dumper bin should have been provided there.

Fisherfolk have been asked not to dry fish in the area. The drying is to take place in the harbour where platforms are available. It spills over on to the road for lack of space or simply because someone found it convenient. But the health hazards it causes can not be overlooked.

At several sensitisation programmes, Fisheries officials asked them not to use the road for drying fish. In fact, there is a proposal to shift drying of the fish to another area away from the city.

Meanwhile, arrangements to keep a strict watch to prevent drying on the road by leaders of fisherfolk will be in public interest.

Also throwing garbage on the road where there is no bin also should be prevented. The fishermen associations, the authorities concerned and the GVMC should come together for action.

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