An anti-child labour campaign has been launched for a week in the tribal areas on May Day.

The problem of child labour and civil liberties violations are one of the most critical matters on the international human rights agenda. In the Indian context child rights have been primary, inviolable and non-negotiable framework. Certain kinds of traditional practices that are accepted across the country, knowingly or un-knowingly amount to child vulnerabilities. In the tribal areas of North Andhra, several tribals send their children for assistance in agriculture fields thereby forcing them to drop their school courses midway.

Dhimsa Foundation, an advocacy group, has asked organisations partnering with it take up the campaign to ensure proper nurturing as also to formulate the future vision.

Keeping the multitude of the growing incidence of child labour, during the weeklong campaign, all the departments are involved to sensitise the parents, line departments, teachers and power structures, endorse child-led campaign and to idealise the movement for replication among other organisations.


Part of the campaign is through Kalajatha, street theatre, survey of the child labour in different workplaces, round table meeting with different power structure groups and principal sensitisation of panchayat raj institutions and community based organisations.

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