With storm water drains criss-crossing the city, their maintenance is quite important for public health. In spite of several appeals, residents and shopkeepers continue to throw garbage into the drains. That apart, the drains must have protection walls. The walls of a drain at Venkatarajunagar in Dondaparthi of Ward 32 have been broken for nearly a year now, according to residents. It is sheer providence that no untoward incident has occurred so far.

With children playing or two or four-wheelers plying at all times it can easily turn into a death trap. With the better part of rainy season still ahead and the city sometimes prone to spells of heavy downpour the corporation still has time to act. It’s surprising that it has escaped the notice of ward-level municipal employees who could have easily alerted higher-ups to act on it. The cost is not much to raise a protective parapet wall on the drain. But the cost if something goes wrong will be high.

Even if for some reason the work can not be taken up, fencing could have been erected until a permanent arrangement is made.

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