Before considering the proposal for a second airport in Visakhapatnam, the Air Travellers Association (India) wants the authorities to allow the existing integrated terminal at Visakhapatnam to develop to its full capacity.


The Airports Authority of India had spent nearly Rs.100 crores on developing this airport and as it is located in the heart of the city, it is accessible to people.

According to president of the ATA (I) D.Varada Reddy, the proposed new airport at Rayavaram will be about 80 km. away and hence travellers would be put to avoidable hardship.

At present, the number of travellers per month is about 50,000 and it is likely to increase.

To make the present airport function to its full capacity, the State Government should make efforts to increase domestic connectivity by persuading more domestic airlines to operate to more destinations.

The airport is under the control of Indian Navy, which according to Mr. Reddy, operates as per its whims and fancies, dissuading domestic airliners to operate at their convenience.

These measures are urgently needed to make Visakhapatnam a truly international hub, president of the ATA said.

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