The bright exuberance of deepams herald the Festival of Lights. The market is awash with a host of clay creativities that have taken on new shapes and designs to add a sparkle of light to the lives.

The luminous lights of the modest terracotta deepams that used to adorn the interiors of houses a few years ago have now undergone a sparkling makeover. Neither the multi-coloured glitter of electric lights nor the romance of the candle has the mysterious glow of the deepam in its myriad forms.

Bigger malls, gift shops and super markets have packaged them with an attractive look. Embellished with painted designs, folk motifs and graphics, and exuberant with colour, dressed up with mirrors, sequins, pearls and zari, the Diwali deepam is a creative and ingenious work of art.

Darling’s Paradise has an array of specially designed deepams in various shapes and sizes ranging from Rs.20 onwards.

Dozens of deepams designed in the moulds of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are a beckoning sight and have become immensely popular. There are the artistic ones like a hand holding the lamp, a woman carrying deepams, or an elephant with a bulk of deepams on its back. These can be also used as gifts for gifting friends and relatives during the festival.

Popular during the festival, the floating deepams and candles blended with a variety of fragrance makes them wonderfully stimulating. These have become increasingly popular for their soothing and beautiful appearance. They are also believed to usher in positive energy when kept at the right place in the house.

Made of wax, the array includes floating candles with notched edges in conical, round and square shapes. It can make a delightful sight to have floating deepams placed on the beautifully designed pot of water.

To give a sublime touch to the festive spirit, jelly candles in different colours can be a good option.

Deepams of different shapes are also on display at CMR Shopping Mall, Spencer’s Hypermarket, other shops and malls. While the traditional terracotta deepams still retains a distinct charm, these designer deepams offer extra glitter to the festive spirit.

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