Public sector Dredging Corporation of India (DCI) has declared a dividend of 30 per cent on the paid-up share capital involving an amount of Rs.8.4 crore (excluding dividend tax) for 2009-10.

This was approved at the annual general meeting held on Wednesday. A sum of Rs. 7.5 crore was transferred to general reserve during the year, according to a press note.

The company's earning per share for the year under review was Rs.25.02 compared to Rs.16.56 for the previous year. The corporation recorded a turnover of Rs.693.94 crore as against Rs.832.22 crore during previous year.

It includes operational income of Rs.645.4 crore compared to previous year's Rs.685.22 crore.

The profit before tax was Rs.77.65 crore as against Rs.61.88 crore for previous year.

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