Senior journalist Chintakindi Sreenivasa Rao’s short story collection ‘Dalappa Teertham’ revolves around social evils using satire as the medium

Senior journalist Chintakindi Sreenivasa Rao’s literary work ‘Dalappa Teertham’ was released here on Friday amidst a galaxy of writers and poets.

Noted poet Siva Reddy said that he simply enjoyed reading the 14 short stories written by Mr. Sreenivas and found them to be inspiring, thought-provoking and made him read through till the end without interruption.

The stories were told in the typical north Andhra dialect and presented in a satirical style.

They were narrated in simple and powerful language and in Chodavaram dialect. Sudhakar, a poet, observed that the irony of the literary works was the author hailing from a Bramhanical class waging a war against the injustice meted out to the scavenger class through the character of Dalappa who died in martyrdom for asking for a better deal from his lord. The very portrayal of the character reflects the author’s concern for the exploited sections of society, he added.

Dr. Raghu, a noted story exponent, was all praise for the author of the book who wrote 14 stories reflecting 14 issues and the ills plaguing the society.

The character of Hussein in the story ‘Pindi Mill’ (flour mill) highlighted the special relationship evolved between Hussein, the floor mill owner, and his customers with whom he had long association.


‘Dalappa Thirtham’ to be releasedJune 12, 2013

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