The disappointment of residents of Saisoudha Nagar II can be gauged from a culvert repair hanging in the balance for a long time. As it is, the drains are in a bad shape.

One of the small culverts over the drain was damaged when Tatipudi pipeline works were carried out five years ago.

Since then, several representations have been made. The Zone Commissioner had given a sanction order more than two years ago. Subsequently, on pursuing the issue, residents were told that the file was closed, secretary D. Krishna Rao says.

But during a recent interaction, they were assured that the file was not closed, a flip-flop that beats reason.

The colony has three parks. One measures 1.33 acres and the other 70 cents and 50 cents.

The parks in the two small sites have been adopted by the GVMC and boards put up. But no work has been taken up.

A shed in one of the parks should be removed and handed over to the residents as it is part of the open space, the residents demand. In one of the parks, Forest Department has planted saplings.

The bigger park turned out to be a bone of contention between the Forest Department and the GVMC, and finally remains almost like a jungle.

In December last, the Forest Department had begun clearing a part of it and dug pits to plant trees. However, the then Zone Commissioner said it belonged to the GVMC and they would develop it.

A drain has to be formed from Gollavillipalem transformer to Lakshmipuram, and the drains from the colony have to be linked to it. Instead, a stagnant pool has been formed now.

Open defecation

Residents of a weaker section housing colony resort to open defecation on the approach road. It is a fit case for the GVMC to install green toilets, says a resident.


Unenviable colony, say residentsDecember 19, 2013

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