A team of 10 boys picked up natural colours, bamboo sticks and paper and designed 600 greeting cards. Some painted landscapes while others worked on floral designs bringing out the best of their creative skills on handmade paper.

At Omkar and Lion’s School for the Deaf and Dumb, the creative abilities of the young and special students leave one admiring their exhibits for a longer time.

It took them almost a month to put their thoughts onto the sheets. Apart from bamboo-art training, the school also provides sessions on paper manufacturing using raw banana pulp. All the cards exhibited at the venue were designed using handmade paper. The venue also has a range of bamboo products displayed by a group of 20 students. Sky-lanterns, flower bouquets, soup bowls, hanger, shoe-stand, letter-folder, flower baskets, home-decors, fruits container, flower vases, bangle stand and other utility items are sure to attract one’s attention.

The leftover pieces of bamboo were reused either to design greeting cards or key-chains, said art masters of the school R. Anjeneyulu and Sridevi. “Students over here have varied interests. If they are not able to do academically well, these artworks and training sessions help them engage creatively and in future it can also turn out to be their profession,” they explained.

Children are showing keen interest in these extra-curricular activities. A little bit of training and encouragement is what they need. “This kind of exhibitions will inspire them to work towards perfection in future and hone their creative abilities,” said secretary and correspondent of the school M.N. Aditya.

With the four-month bamboo training session concluding shortly, students are now working on furniture designing.

The expo is open till Monday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. To encourage the specially-abled children, a permanent expo will continue to be open on the school premises after December 31.