CPI(M) on Sunday organised a protest against the Central government announcing an increase of Rs.2.35 on a litre of petrol and Rs.0.50 on diesel.

A rally was taken out from the party office and reached Jagadamba centre via Lepakshi where an effigy of the government was burnt.

CPI(M) district secretary K. Lokanadham said if the government reduced taxes no increase in price was needed even if crude price in international market went up. The economic crisis was precipitated by the concessions given to the corporate sector and the rich and the government’s attempt to mop up revenue by increasing fuel prices. The proposal to increase LPG rates once the ongoing Parliament session was over would further burden people, he said.

The fuel price increase would have a cascading effect and would result in prices of essential commodities further shooting up, party leader G.S. Rajeswara Rao said.


Diesel price increase decried in VisakhapatnamSeptember 15, 2012

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