One AC coach will be added to the train soon

Very soon you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the city from the circular train atop Kailasagiri in the cool comforts of air-conditioned coaches. One AC coach has already been shifted to Kailasagiri and within the next two weeks, it will be operational. With the start of summer vacations in schools and many colleges, the circular train saw a heavy rush of tourists waiting to experience the beautiful view of the city from the hill.

Major attraction

Ever since it was started in May 2007, the circular train has been a major attraction being the only hi-tech circular train in India, and, perhaps that runs from point to point around a hill. And with temperatures soaring high, the induction of an AC coach to the circular train has come as a boon and is expected to spur its popularity. The narrow gauge train sports classy imported interiors and offers a bird's eye view of some the important landmarks of the city. Plans are there to operate the second and third stations for passengers, who can board the train at the main station and alight at the other two stations, spend time there and catch the next train within an hour.

This summer, Kailasagiri was the most favoured tourist spot and received around 8,000 visitors per day during weekends and holidays. The popularity of the circular train also saw new heights with nearly 19,000 visitors taking the train tour around the hill from January to March this year, according to VUDA records. The figure is expected to double by the end of May, which is the peak summer tourist season.

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