The Northeast Crafts Fair organised by Kolkata branch of Purbashree Emporium at Prahlada Kalyana Mandapam takes shoppers on a trip through several States. A colourful variety of dried flowers from Nagaland greets visitors at the entrance. These are made of real flowers and leaves and involves a skilful process, explains Avoleshohe from Nagaland. Her stall has a range of brightly coloured ‘mekhala’ costumes or wrap-around skirts.

A stall from Manipur has silk and cotton saris, dupattas and suit material. Muga silk shawls are also available. Prayer mats and mattresses made from Kauna grass are said to have medicinal properties. The artisans will be giving a free demonstration of the making of handicrafts during the expo.

A stall selling products made in Shantiniketan, West Bengal, displays artistically painted and embossed leather handbags and purses. Cute but comfortable cane ‘modas,’ cane furniture, cane trays, bamboo mugs and bamboo lampshades are bound to attract those who have a yen for bamboo products. Apart from this, there is a range of items like wood carvings, jewellery from Hyderabad, woollen carpet from Arunachal Pradesh, khadi materials from UP and bedcovers from Manipur at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be on till November 15.


Silk and cotton fair has a lot on offerDecember 29, 2012

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