The city chapter of the international student organisation AIESEC organised a walk from Kali temple to Park Hotel to promote child rights and child empowerment on Sunday morning. The programme titled First Step was attended by students from Papa Home, For the People, and concerned citizens of the city.

Organising Committee president of AIESEC Ananth Bhanidipati said that the walk was also held to launch their project Footprints which starts in July. Under the project AIESEC will be bringing 15 international students from the AIESEC community to the city to train underprivileged students in various skills. “We at AIESEC believe that every student has an artist hidden inside and we would like to help students realise and nurture the artist within them in a five-week workshop.”

The workshops will culminate a show called Balakalakar in which the children will showcase what they have learnt during the workshop. Student volunteers from Egypt, Turkey and Italy will be conducting the workshops.

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