Calls for a realistic approach in preparing it

Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj on Saturday said the City Development Plan (CDP) should be people-centric taking care of the long-term needs of the area.

CDP should reflect public opinion and aspirations addressing the long-term needs of the people, he said during an interaction with the consultants and officials on preparing CDP. He suggested a realistic approach in preparing the CDP. VUDA being a stakeholder in CDP would fulfil its responsibilities as required, he assured.

While addressing the requirements of long-term, midterm and short term for the growth of the city and its surroundings, the Vice-Chairman stressed on preservation of natural resources, especially the drinking water. Storm water conservation, protecting the existing water sources such as Meghadrigedda and Mudasarlova reservoirs should be given priority.

With regard to tourism development, the State and the Central governments were focusing on improving the tourist spots apart from identifying new vistas and hence, the CDP should concentrate on public utilities, Mr Yuvaraj pointed out.

The CDP should also look at providing world-class amenities in and around the city.

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