The Timpany School, which is the lifeline of the residential area, was founded by Dr. Timpany in 1931

Canadian Baptist Mission (CBM) Compound, popularly known as CBM Compound was once the domain of Canadian Baptist Missionaries with the sprawling Hill Crest Bungalow as the operational headquarters for missionary Ms. Law and other missionaries. The present day Waltair Uplands is part of the CBM Compound spread over nearly 20 acres of land. The Hill Crest Bungalow, Union Chapel and the Timpany School founded by Dr.Timpany were the institutions of repute around which life revolved for the missionaries and the Christian faithful and those associated with the educational institutions like the Timpany and the Hill Crest School run by Law.

Over a period of time the concept of missionary compound got diluted and the area although retained its old name, it got secularised with the integration of people of all faiths. Today it is the city’s oldest and posh residential habitation with the cream of the city hailing from cross section of the society making CBM Compound their home.

Medical practitioner like Dr.J.L.Nair, M.S.S.K.Williams, Mr.Chiranjeevi, M.V.Abraham of Alex Soman & Sons, Commander Moses and several others are senior residents of the area. The Timpany School, which was and is still the lifeline of the residential area, was founded by Dr.Timpany in 1931. The School spread in an area of one acre, is being managed by Evangelical Trust Association of South India. Until the advent of corporate schools culture in the city, the school occupied a pride of place and was the most sought after school by the affluent sections of the city. Mercy Jayaraja Rao, the principal and director of the school was known for her managerial skills and commitment to the cause of education at a time when there was dearth of talent on the educational front. The school produced street smart kids and its products are mostly settled in Canada and Australia and other western countries.

The Union Chapel founded by the CBM missionaries is another landmark reflecting the spirit of the compound. The church was established in 1911 and was originally called as ‘The Vizagapatam English Baptist Church’. In 1968 the missionaries handed over the church to the Indian management and it was re-christened as ‘Union Chapel’. In 1971 a new building was designed and built in the CBM Compound which is now located beside the GVMC Commissioner Bungalow. The charter members of the church were Mr. and Mrs.Shaw, Mr.Hardiring, Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr.D Prazer. The church is a big draw in the area attracting people of multiple faiths through its English classic Hymns of old. Many college students attend it to merely learn English language. Varahalu Sankar, a local resident staying in the compound for more than four decades says that he cherishes fond memories of the Timpany School where he studied and the church which was a beacon of light and hope. Today the Waltair Uplands which is part and parcel of CBM compound is more a commercial area with massive commercial complexes of branded gold merchants and several corporate school houses making the area their operational headquarters.

Mr.Williams, an octogenarian resident recalls the days when only a handful of people were living in the area and how life revolved around the school and the church.

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