Cattle on the roads are a major traffic hazard. A few heads of cattle moving across the road throw traffic out of gear. The best of persons at the wheel are flummoxed by cattle on the road because of sheer unpredictability though they generally stick to a pattern. But they are irritated by honking of horns.

Apart from the traffic problems involved, the rearing of cattle within the city involves the serious livelihood issue of those raising them. The relevant of Hyderabad Municipal Corporation by which civic bodies are guided prohibits the raising of the cattle within the municipal limits. But after fishermen, several parts of the city are inhabited by traditional fishermen.

Hundreds of families depend upon rearing cattle for their livelihood. Areas like China Waltair, Angadidibba face chronic problem because of the dairy farmers living there.

From time to time notices are issued to them and the cattle are impounded and shifted to the pound at Old Sewage Farm by a team earmarked for the purpose, says City Veterinary Officer Ramamohan Rao. Every time an animal is caught a fine of Rs.1,000 is levied and last year Rs.1.56 lakh was realised.

Around 250 families in the city depend upon the animals for their livelihood. They are willing to move out to the outskirts if land is provided to them or ready to quit it if employment is provided. The issue can not be decided locally and involved a policy decision.

Until such time, cattle may continue to dot the roads putting road-users on a high alert.

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