Reaching the railway station was a difficult task on the two-day bandh on Friday-Saturday, as traffic was stopped at several places and people going to the railway station either by four-wheelers or two-wheelers had to face a tough time crossing the hurdles.

A person taking his son to the railway station was stopped twice in the evening at Kancharapalem. At one point, protesters stopped vehicles for sometime and let them go only after making them raise slogans in favour of Samaikyandhra.

A short stretch later on the service road, traffic was totally stopped by placing a long tube and burning tyres. To overcome it he had to either go back to the highway or take a detour via the narrow pathway abutting the houses adjacent to the highway. Finally the man reached the highway near Tatichetlapalem. From then on, thankfully, it was a hassle-free ride. But those without their vehicles found it very difficult to go to the station or return from there.

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