Role of media, parents, and teachers stressed

It is pathetic to note the growing number of crimes against women. These days, girls have to be on their guard right from the age of two, as offenders are not sparing even children, inspector of One Town police station Syed Elias Mohammed has said.

At a seminar organised by Mrs. A.V.N. College on ‘Women and sexuality’ here on Tuesday, Mr. Sayed narrated the horrid incidents that the country witnessed recently.

“Women are being exploited by men due to their innocence, poor financial background, loneliness, and dependency. In one case, a minor girl was raped and threatened by an adolescent for six months. The issue came to their grandparents’ notice, her only guardians, when she started feeling the unbearable pain and subsequently had a miscarriage,” he said.

“In another incident, a two-year-old girl was raped and killed by the apartment security guard. It is really heart-rending to deal with such cases. As a police force, we extend our support and help protect women in all possible ways,” he added.

Speaking at the seminar, college correspondent Indrani Jagga Row said: “When a woman is attacked by a group of men, it becomes difficult for her to defend despite training in martial arts. Awareness programmes help in educating and sensitising both the genders and help control atrocities against women.”

Vulgar ads

Journalist Aruna Pappu spoke about the role of advertisements, media, and cinema.

She narrated commercials that portrayed women in a vulgar and discriminate manner.

“The two genders – man and woman are like two wings of the bird. The flight of the bird will be smooth only when both the genders agree with each other and lead life amicably,” she said.

Social activist T. Krishna Bhai spoke about the crucial role of parental responsibility.

The role of women’s organisations was highlighted by Padma of AIDWA and T. Suguna of another association talked about the role of law and order.

Port Trust Women’s Cell representatives S. Suwarna Lakshmi, Bernadett, and Padmavathi highlighted the role of educational institutions and their influence on youth.

Students were told to be independent and be conscious and alert parents, police, or any force when they sensed danger.

“Girls should carry themselves confidently and be conscious when an offender tries to get overboard. Apart from the parents’ involvement, educational institutions, teachers, media, and the government play an imperative role in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. So, let us all join our hands and help curb gender bias and build a healthy society,” the experts said.

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