If one is looking for a bargain on good books, the expo is the place to start

The exams have started for school-going children and you want to give them company with some serious reading; or you just want to catch up with some reading; or you are looking for some good books, whatever your excuse there is no reason to stop yourself. If you are serious about buying books and are looking for a bargain in good new books, try Ashok Book Centre, at St Anthony’s Church near Jagadamba junction, where a week-long book exhibition has got under way. A good discount has been thrown in for a good measure and if that cannot tempt you then the range of books is likely to make you stop and think. There are some excellent treatises from Pengiun like Seneca ‘On Shortness of Life’, Marcus Aurelius ‘Meditations’, Arthus Schopenhauer ‘On Suffering of the World’, Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Why I am so Wise’, Thorstien Veblen ‘Conspicuous Consumption’, Adam Smith ‘The Invisible Hand’, Marcel Proust ‘Days of Reading’ and George Orwell ‘Books vs Cigarettes’, among others. If these don’t interest you maybe you could look at some of the books from the series on introduction to theories. Penguin also has brought out seminal works like Karl Marx’s ‘Das Capital’, all three volumes, Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’, among others, branch manager of the Ashok Book Centre V. Narayana said.


If you are looking for some good classics then maybe the English translation of Amuktamalyada or Kanyasulkam may interest you, of course there are also other classics like Charles Dickens, Scott, D.H. Lawrence and so on so forth. It is indeed a tough task to list all the titles in the book store except maybe in the billing software. There are management books, dictionaries, young adult fiction, detective stories and so on so forth.

Of course it may take some hunting to get the books that you want. Every rack has some nugget waiting to be discovered and that makes the job of hunting so pleasurable.

For the serious reader in Telugu there are a range of books from Alkananda Prachuranalu, which covers a range of translations of books from English and other languages into Telugu. Some of the inspirational works on people of our times are also available.

Like all good things this exhibition will end on coming Saturday.

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