Experts share tips on how women should protect themselves at workplace

Over the years, focus on women’s safety at workplace has seen a new facet. Thanks to academicians, social activists, and NGO representatives, who have owned up the responsibility of promoting protection of women against violence at workplace.

This is, perhaps, what the modern woman needs — a workplace where she longs to create a niche for herself, spending long hours.

Apparently, when it comes to safety, there is no proper mechanism in place to seek support and guidance.

Role of ICC

This is where the internal complaints committee (ICC) comes into play. Though we have experts talking at length about its constitution as per the guidelines, several organisations — government and private — continue to function without an ICC.

However, professors in Andhra University Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College of Law share a few tips on how to stay alert when there is a need to spend extra time in the office.

“Today, to be on par with the male counterparts, women have to spend more than 12 hours at the workplace. When there is a need to stay till late in the night, make sure of the conveyance arrangement, rather than travelling on your own,” suggests professor and Chairperson of College of Law V. Rajyalakshmi.

Sharing her views, convener of the Grievance and Redressal Cell, College of Law, S. Sumitra, says, “Keep the audio recorder option on in your smartphone. This helps in recording any kind of indecent conversation of a male colleague. Avoid entering the employer or senior’s cabin alone. Inform your friends and colleagues when you have to spend extra hours in the office. Do not forget to stuff your bag with a pack of chilli powder or pepper spray.”

Being conscious at workplace has become the need of the hour.

Professor in College of Law N. Nirmala says, “It helps in identifying a problem immediately and acting accordingly. When there is a need to work during late hours, keep your family members and friends informed about your whereabouts.”

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