With Seemandhra region getting ready for second phase of elections on Wednesday, the first-time voters in the city appear to be all curious to cast their votes.

Thanks to the number of associations and voluntary groups that have been campaigning hard to raise awareness levels among voters, many youngsters, who are otherwise reluctant to exercise the franchise, have changed their mind.

“Since we get this opportunity once in five years, I think it’s the responsibility of every voter to be part of the world’s largest democratic exercise. If we feel lethargic to cast the vote and elect the right candidate, we will end up suffering for the next five years,” Sumitha, B.Tech student who is voting for the first time, said.

Priyanka (22) has her own doubts. “I feel every political party makes tall promises before elections and eventually suffers from short term memory loss after coming to power. And this is one of the main reasons, why I have not exercised my vote till now. I hope at least now the politicians will focus on the country’s development rather than increasing their own bank balance.”

Many first-timers have realised that it’s only through voting, one can put an end to corruption. “Just as every drop in the ocean matters, every vote makes an impact. I have been motivating my friends to cast their votes as it’s the only way we can keep our society clean and change the destiny of our country,” B. Aparna said.

Some of the maiden voters are confident that after the State’s bifurcation, there is greater scope of development in Seemandhra region. “We keep our fingers crossed and hope that the new government will keep its focus on better employment opportunities and contribute to the country’s economic growth,” M. Jhansi, B.Com student, added.

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