‘Three Ds — Dedication, Devotion, and Discipline — will ensure success’

Those who love the profession and follow the three Ds — Dedication, Devotion, and Discipline — would achieve great success, Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh advised young advocates in Visakhapatnam on Saturday. “Before being a lawyer, be a human being first,” he said.

“The tradition of the profession must be carried on…. the Bar and the Bench must act together to keep the flag of dignity of profession flying high,” the Chief Justice said while addressing judicial officers, advocates, and judicial employees at a meeting organised by the District Court and the Visakhapatnam Bar Association.

Water plant

Earlier, he commissioned a pure drinking water plant on the premises of the District Courts Complex.

Responding to a request made by president of the Visakhapatnam Bar Association K. Adi Babu, Mr. Justice Ghosh said construction of courts buildings would be taken up immediately.

Judge of the High Court and Portfolio Judge of Visakhapatnam district Justice G. Rohini observed that efficiency and experience of senior advocates and their commitment to the profession would strengthen the system.

Quality and quantity

“Young lawyers must be trained to achieve quality and quantity, as pendency of cases is mounting and a talk of deterioration of standards is being heard,” Ms. Justice Rohini said.

She advised the advocates to maintain cordial relations with the Bench and uphold the rule of law.

Chairman of the AP Bar Council Narasimha Reddy wanted advocates to make use of the medical insurance scheme introduced for them.

High Court Judges — G. Raghuram, K.C. Bhanu, R. Kantha Rao, and N.R.L. Nageswara Rao — Principal District and Sessions Judge V. Venkata Prasad, former Chairman of Bar Council of India D.V. Subba Rao, AP Bar Council members — S. Krishna Mohan, B.V.R. Murthy, and C. Madhavilata — and secretary of Bar Association K. Srinivasa Rao participated. Earlier in the morning, the Chief Justice inaugurated the court buildings at Gajuwaka.

The Raja Vegesna Foundation sponsored the pure drinking water plant and Vijay Nirman Constructions constructed a shed for the water plant.

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