For a week-end crowd in summer, Beach Road is the nearest destination for some relief from the sweltering heat. As the mercury soars, people make a beeline to the Ramakrishna Beach and it is sometimes difficult to find some standing room on the parapet wall. People enjoy a stroll along the beach and as night falls head back home.

If no proper arrangement is made for regulating traffic, the visit may turn out a bother. Though parking is available for two-wheelers if there is more traffic it is not enough. Parking anywhere else will be a hurdle for others. Buses bring hundreds of people to the beach and there is an equal number to go back to various parts of the city. Unless traffic is regulated at the NTR statue it is difficult to find one’s way in the maze. In the coming days with summer vacation and holiday season beginning traffic regulation plays an important role in having a nice visit.

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