Giving fillip to cycling on the Beach Road, a ‘no vehicle zone' in the morning from November 1, Assembly Deputy Speaker Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and Minister for Primary Education S. Sailajanath rode bicycles along with Mayor Pulusu Janardhana Rao on Friday morning.

Mr. Vikramarka said though he wanted to go on bicycle pressing engagements never gave him a chance. The ride on the Beach Road also reminded him of his childhood days.

Mr. Sailajanath urged people to join the fight against vehicular pollution by taking to cycling.

The Mayor thanked people for their co-operation and said the request for extending the ‘no vehicle zone' would be considered.

Police Commissioner J. Purnachandra Rao coined the slogan ‘Bicycle kills pollution.”

Additional Commissioner S. Krishna Murthy, financial advisor Y. Mangapati Rao, Examiner of Accounts G. Satyanarayana and Sports Director Y. Srinivasa Rao participated.

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