LIC Colony has the twin advantages of tranquil surroundings and close-knit community

The quietude of a village is often offered by tour operators as a coveted destination away from the madding crowd. But beyond the superficial layers of the so-called urbanisation, there are a few pockets in the city that combines the tranquillity of such living with the benefits of close-knit community.

LIC Colony, a km away from the BRTS Road towards Pendurti between Sujatanagar and Papayyarajupalem and all of 138 plots, is a good example of such pockets, though with a few civic infrastructural deficiencies.

A coconut grove before one enters the colony, the Anajaneya Swamy temple, a rain tree, and a village deity temple with an adjoining ground for village festivities complete the ambience.

They lead one into the colony with wide roads, greenery all around, well-constructed buildings, and a community hall, venue for all social and religious activities.

N.S.N. Raju had developed the layout in 1996, and with several LIC and GIC employees purchasing plots, it was soon named LIC Colony.

Soon after, 15 houses came up. Roads and lighting were developed by Lakshmipuram panchayat of which it had been a part before it was merged with the municipal corporation when it became GVMC.

With several of the residents being employees and the association taking care of the maintenance, it’s a well-organised colony. All the streets have been numbered and a map of plots displayed. The association tries to organise the day-today affairs smoothly.

“For instance, the watchman has to make five rounds every night and one of the office-bearers keeps track by turns, whether he is doing his work or not,” says LIC Colony Residents’ Welfare Association president G. Dakshina Murthy.

Streetlights glow without fail and if one is not functioning the watchman brings it to the notice of the association immediately and it is reported to the GVMC. It’s never the responsibility of the individual resident concerned, says the president.

The association also has a woman as its executive member to help better representation.

With contributions from residents, the watchmen used to get Rs.1,400 in 1998. Now, it has gone up to Rs.6,000.

To help residents come together and celebrate Vinayaka Chaviti, Ugadi, August 15, and January 26, a community hall was constructed in 1998.

Two years ago, the GVMC constructed another community hall adjacent to it.

The GVMC responds to their demands about improving the colony. Recently, a park has been developed thanks to the initiative taken by GVMC Assistant Director (Horticulture) M. Damodara Rao. The association has got a borewell dug by spending Rs.13,000 to help water the plants. A part-time worker has been appointed to maintain it.

Tax compliant

The residents never default in payment of property tax. Besides, they have taken the initiative to dispose of garbage. Four years ago, two dustbins each were given to residents to segregate the garbage and Rs.16,000 was spent on it. On seeing it, the then AMO Girish Kumar provided them a rickshaw and a worker to collect the garbage at their doorstep.

In recognition of its work, the colony won the best colony award for three years from 2007.

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