An exhibition of posters and models focusing on swine flu virus – its origin, transmission and symptoms of the disease was conducted here on Wednesday.

As part of an awareness programme, the Department of Microbiology, Dr. L. Bullayya PG College highlighted the causative factors of swine flu here. Homeopathy medicines were distributed at a medical camp later.

Prof. P. Rajeswara Rao, Head of Department of Orgenon and Homeopathy, Dr. A.R. Government Homeo Medical College, Rajahmundry, explained about the origin of homeopathy and how the studies of Dr. Hannehman, the father of homeopathy, talked about the importance of the prevention through various drugs.

Dr. R. Venkata Rao, district coordinator, Homeo—Dispensary, spoke about the steps taken by the government and other homeo organisations in distribution of medicines for the control of swine flu.

Dr. T. Lalitha Govardhan, Head of Microbiology, Dr. L. Bullayya PG College, said swine flu was a highly contagious respiratory disorder, characterised by fever, sneezing, cough and sometimes vomiting and gastroenteritis.

‘Drink water’

Most of the swine flu victims treated in the district were air travellers and those who reached here from the places within a week after confirmed cases of swine flu were reported, were also treated as suspect cases, District Medical and Health Officer J. Sarojini said at a seminar on swine flu organised by GITAM University here on Wednesday.

Seven of the passengers who tested swine flu positive were treated and all of them recovered, Dr. Sarojini said.

The first case was reported on July 21 from among the list of passengers received from Hyderabad after the passenger travelled from abroad along with a confirmed case of swine flu. The DMHO explained the treatment aspects and protection measures. Nine swine flu screening centres had been set up to detect and treat the cases. She advised pregnant women and children to take plenty of water and nutritious food to avoid viral diseases.

Principal of AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences T. Satyanarayana said that herbal remedies could stimulate the immune system to combat the effects of the flu while relieving symptoms and speeding up the recovery.

Supplement of N-Acetyl Cysteine would help battle the flu. Treatment with herbal remedies might become a necessity if swine flu emerged into a pandemic. Prof. Satyanarayana suggested that daily intake of amla, tulsi, garlic and turmeric powder would enhance immunity system.

GITAM varsity Registrar P.M. Valli presided. GITAM Pharmacy College principal P. Suresh also spoke.


Increasing trend of swine flu in India: WHOSeptember 13, 2009

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