A retired lecturer in zoology who has been writing in Telugu to help popularise science among the students and readers in the State – Jammi Koneti Rao – is set to receive the Nagunuri Sanjivayya Smaraka Kirti Puraskar from the Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University for his contribution.

Noting the shortage of good books in Telugu in geography, the 83-year-old writer is busy compiling a book on the subject. He has compiled a number of English-English-Telugu dictionaries in zoology, astronomy and medicine, among others. He has also compiled the Telugu Academy’s dictionary on zoology. He has been associated with the Telugu Academy since its inception and has been writing the text books in Telugu for it.

He has written regularly on science subjects for a number of publications in Telugu, including Andhra Patrika. Some of these writings have been compiled and published as books. Though his basic subject has been zoology, which he taught graduate students in a number of government degree colleges across the State, he has taken it upon himself to write on a number of other current scientific topics for popular publications. “I have tried to write on current scientific topics by using simple Telugu so that even a non-science student can understand it,” Mr. Koneti Rao said.

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