Principals of various campus colleges narrate their experience with Raju

The scene outside the B.R Ambedkar Assembly Hall at Andhra University was not something witnessed everyday. Motorists slowed down to ask what the occasion was and were quickly asked to carry on by the police.

There were large banners with the words congratulations printed across it and people holding bouquets slowly made their way in. Such scenes are usually seen when celebrities visit the city with people occupying whatever space they could find. Andhra University was celebrating and felicitating a man who had first been a student of the university, then taught at the university and had now risen to become its Vice-Chancellor.

G.S.N Raju was definitely a celebrity for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the university.

A student with an impeccable record had grown to become a widely published professor whose books are followed across the world and now that very same student had become the Vice-Chancellor of his alma mater.

Principals of various campus colleges spoke about Prof. Raju and their experiences with him. They all felt that he was the correct man for the job and was appointed at the right time to lead the campaign for making AU a Central university. They thanked the Governor, the Chief Minister and other officials for appointing Prof. Raju. The felicitations continued into the evening with the large gathering struggling for space and pushing their way forward to greet their new V-C.

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