The exuberance of youth reflecting the zeal for excellence and attention for detail are visible in the works of art exhibited by students of B Arch of GITAM University.

The exhibition organised as part of the two-day GUSAC Carnival of the university on its campus has on display works by 16 students. The works included both class work and paintings done outside the curriculum.

“The hectic work leaves us no time to think of any avocation but we have been able to produce some of these because of our interest,” a student confessed. The coursework needs a lot of attention and there is so much activity that it leaves us no time for anything else, she added.

A few students tried using acrylic on paper, but most were content with using charcoal, pencil or crayons. The works clearly showed their universe and the life they had lived.

A couple of abstracts were an effort to be different but most of the works were portraits and studies of life around them.

The attention to detail that defines an architect is clearly visible in the works and care is taken to finish every piece as close as possible. The brush strokes too are complete and there is no creative liberty taken.

Pencil sketches

A picture of a street with lights and people strolling under the evening light had the structures clearly drawn in perspective with no room for any ambiguity. A couple of pencil sketches of the main characters of the iconic Hollywood Twilight Saga series looked as good as photographs.

The students also put on display some of the works done using multiple materials like paper, ice cream sticks and also spices.

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