Youngsters organise a flash mob to celebrate the spirit

We visit a mall to shop and hit a dance floor to let ourselves loose. But, for a change, how does it feel to do it the other way round?

With the fervour of Friendship Day lurking, the celebration bells started ringing on Saturday itself. In the midst of busy shopping hours, the evening came to a halt with a group of 30 employees from Kenexa pirouetting in quick succession to the beat of movie songs. The flash mob lasted for ten minutes at CMR Shopping Mall which echoed tunes from Desi Boys, Cocktail, Delhi Belly, Gabbar Singh and Ishq. The idea behind flash mob is to promote friendship, said market research analyst of Kenexa Vikash Babjee.

Friendship means a lot for many and Friendship Day, on Sunday, is an opportunity to express yourself. And there are many ways to exhibit it. This year, there is a whole new range of gifts for the occasion in the city. From tiny mugs with quotes to teddies in bamboo baskets and musical boxes that is sure to surprises your friend when he or she opens it up, the collection includes lot many things to pep up the spirit of friendship.

‘I am here to comfort you even if I am not around’, reads a red hued and heart shaped cushion. Why not give this away to someone special? A range of special gifts such as rings, key-chains, soft toys and accessories are available at a store on VIP Road. One of the leading book stores at the old jail road junction has gift articles such as wall clocks, photo frames engraved with a quote, moulded chocolates, booklets and scrolling manuscripts where one can pen down their thoughts.

On the occasion, Hotel Green Park is offering a friendship spread for the evening. With the introduction of new gifts and few of the hotels rolling out special menu for friends, the day is sure to be full of surprises.


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