She addresses students at the annual day function of Young Indians

Magsaysay award recipient and Team Anna member Kiran Bedi on Wednesday asked students to shape their careers with proper time management.

Addressing school and college students at the annual day function of Young Indians (Yi), the youth wing of CII at Port Kalavani auditorium here, she said they should remember that there was no shortcut to success and explained how being a tennis player she had learn to stay fit, values of fair play in life and importance of hard work.

Ms. Bedi, who also had an interactive session with the students from various schools and engineering and management colleges, said in life they should remember that time was limited for everyone and they should plan their day to make maximum use of time.

She said instead of wasting time on gossiping, text messaging, facebooking, tweeting and films, they should sleep and study well apart from making use of their head, heart and hands.

“Education should not be knowledge or mark-centric alone.

You have to think about yourself and the country; show concern for fellow-human beings and use your hands for doing work the Gandhian way by coming out of your comfort zone,” she stated.

Ms. Bedi, who topped in the master's course at the age of 20 and became India's first woman IPS officer at the age of 21 and half, said as youth was the future of the nation, the students should behave like good gardeners by retaining good virtues and discarding bad thoughts. She also said wherever they were positioned after their studies, they should be grateful to their parents, teachers and all those who contributed something for their success in life.

Expressing satisfaction over boom in employment, she said she was told that there was a person working abroad from each family in Visakhapatnam.

“Even if you go abroad for placement, don't forget about your duty and responsibility towards our country,” she said.

During the interactive session, she said every Indian was an Anna Hazare and the campaign against corruption should be spearheaded at every sphere of life.

Young Indian city chapter chairperson Poonam Shah presided.

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