Guinness World Records, Limca Book of Records, India Book of Records and now it is Telugu Book of Records. Yes, you read it right.

For Telugu language lovers, Telugu Book of Records (TBR) is being introduced to highlight talented Telugu people across the globe.

Tracking their achievements in various streams and bringing them to limelight, president of TBR Chintapalli Venkatachari worked for six months to realise his dream project. Born and brought up in a carpenter’s family, he had a flair for art and craftsmanship right from his childhood.

Inspired by the barcode of the price tag he created line script for eight Indian languages. Incidentally he is the only one from India to be invited to participate in an international project on the subject.

“There are many talented Telugu people living across the world. Most of their work and achievements go unnoticed due to lack of publicity.” TBR aims to highlight those who are talented in varied fields like culture, heritage, literature, art, music, dance and other streams. The entity aims at keeping the regional language alive.

After launching the website, chief advisor of TBR and chairman of Tummidi Brothers Tummidi Ramkumar said, “TBR will be the pride of Telugu people and the platform pools the artistes and help them get recognised worldwide.”

Nowadays, people are giving more relevance to English language compared to Telugu, said B.M.P. Singh, a world record holder for making the shortest documentary film for television.

Launch in Malaysia

“We are more focused on scoring more marks in mathematics and science ignoring conscience. Today’s education system lacks in inclusiveness that protects our Telugu culture. It is good to learn English but definitely not at the cost of our regional language,” he said.

In line with the series of introduction, the logo of the book was launched on December 24 in Hyderabad.

On January 11 Tarun a youngster would be performing 80 yogasanas in 12 minutes and Ram Babu an artist would be painting using his nose in Thailand.

To reach a wider section of people, the Telugu Book of Records would be released on April 12 in Malaysia.

State award recipient Sai Sri, journalist Kuna Kalidas, managing director of Tummidi Brothers Tummidi Srinivas Kumar were present.