Most of the mechanised boats could not venture into the sea at the end of the conservation period on account of ‘amavasya' which is considered inauspicious and severe shortage of ice on Wednesday.

Due to sentiments, many boat operators did not undertake the voyage despite preparing well for going into the sea. Few others were forced to drop the idea due to shortage of ice.

The overhauling, painting and other expenses becoming prohibitively high, most of the operators could not make use of the layoff period in servicing their vessels. Others could manage by borrowing money from private-lenders.

Several fishermen went to the sea with pots, filled with turmeric water and offered it praying for a successful voyage on Wednesday. They also conducted special prayers at Gangamma talli temple.

With Wednesday falling on ‘amavasya,' those who got prepared to resume fishing dropped the idea. Dolphin Boat Operators' Welfare Association and AP Mechanised Boat Operators' Association presidents Ch. Satyanarayana Murthy and P. Ch. Appa Rao said within next few days, all the boats would go on a full voyage due to anticipation of a good catch due to pre-monsoon rains and drop in the temperature of seawater.

The cost of ice was jacked up by the factory owners by Rs.100 a tonne due to sudden increase in demand.

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