Strongly opposing the proposed User Development Fee (UDF) by air ort developers, the Air Travellers Association (India) appealed to the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority of India not to permit such UDF hike either by private airport developers or AAI.

In a letter to the Chairman of AERAI, the ATA (I) pointed out that passengers all over the country have already been paying Rs.229 as passenger service fee irrespective of the airport they use.

The ostensible reason was to develop or modernise airports in the country.

Private airport developers had agreed to construct, operate and transfer airports in New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai with their own resources, president of ATA(I) D.Varada Reddy said, recalling many concessions, like airport landing and parking charges airport services etc, that have been granted to the airport developers.

These charges, directly or indirectly, are levied on passengers.

The proposed hike of UDF would be highly burdensome to passengers, the ATA (I) said appealing the authorities concerned not to permit the same.

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