The worst hit are the Convent Junction, One Town area and Malkapuram

Air pollution has become a major problem in the city in general and on the Convent Junction, One Town area, Malkapuram and Sriharipuram in particular.

Industrial pollution has turned out to be a severe problem causing health disorders and also leading to accidents as the roads turn slippery after the coal dust, iron ore and urea spread like a thin sheet covering the road. No sprinkling of water regularly leads to the fine particles floating in the air adding to vehicular pollution.

People use hand-kerchiefs to cover their head and nose and a cap to protect themselves from the pollutants and their impact on health. They are particularly harmful to those having respiratory problems.

One will be surprised to learn that the Navy personnel who wear a white uniform generally put on a windcheater so that their dress remains clean when they go to work. Even the Dockyard employees face the same problem. But those going on the road unawares will learn the lesson the hard way.

Apart from the industrial pollution and caused by transport of material to the port to tackle which the port trust has initiated a number of measures, dust pollution in the city has become quite a problem.

The Visakhapatnam Port is involving private parties for mechanisation of cargo handling with an investment of Rs.1800 crore within a couple of years. The port management is confident of bringing pollutants due to cargo handling to bare minimum once mechanisation of cargo handling facilities are completed.

Those conscious of health as well as their skin being affected are moving covering their head and face with scarves.

The problem is aggravated by the process of laying or, in some cases leaving roads without repairs after the underground drainage work.

Woman who are conscious of the hazards from pollution as well as heat and dust have a tough time protecting themselves, particularly if they are driving a two-wheeler.


City no longer ‘critically polluted’April 7, 2015

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