Several lawyers on Friday protested against the changes in the Criminal Procedure Code alleging that the amendments would enable influential persons, politicians and anti-social elements to get bail within the police station as changes in the law enhanced the powers of police officials to use their discretionary powers.

Srikakulam Bar Association president Paidi Venugopalam, representatives -- Mamidi Kranti, K. Pratapa Chandra, K. Annam Naidu and others -- raised slogans against the changes in the laws. The changes would pave the way to misuse of powers by police officials across the country, they observed.

“Influential people can get bail in police station even if they are involved in major crime. It leads to many problems in society. The people will lose their faith in the law if it is misused,” Mr. Venugopalam said.

Work in several courts across the district got hampered with the absence of many lawyers from attending the cases. The lawyers said they would continue their struggle in the interests of society.

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