In a letter to the GoM on bifurcation, advocates reiterate demand for unified State

The Visakhapatnam Bar Association, in a letter to the GoM constituted by the Central Government to elicit opinions on bifurcation of the State, reiterated its demand to keep the State unified and felt that a High Court Bench must be established immediately in the city due to the present conditions.

Whether the State was divided or not a High Court Bench must be established here since Seemandhra advocates were facing hostile attitude from Telangana advocates and in fact there had been a demand for HC Bench here since 1955 from the north coastal Andhra and East Godavari people since HC in Hyderabad was far away, president of the Visakhapatnam Bar Association N.V. Badarinath said in the letter.

If bifurcation of the State was inevitable High Court must be established here since the city met all the requirements like connectivity, the Visakhapatnam advocates said. High Court Benches could be established at Vijayawada/Guntur and Tirupati. The Bar Association wanted the GoM to recommend the same to the Government and competent authority. The AP Administrative Tribunal and the Central Administrative Tribunal too must be located here.

The Advocates General must be selected from north coastal Andhra and also the Public Prosecutors, APPs, Government Pleaders and AGPs. Regarding judicial officers, the Bar Association wanted the many posts lying vacant filled to eliminate delay in litigation.