‘Arrive Alive’ campaign to be organised as part of Road Safety Week from Jan. 22

A campaign for safer roads ‘Arrive Alive’ will be organised by the city police in association with various departments as part of the Road Safety Week to be observed from January 22 to 28.

“The objective of the campaign is to make road users become proactive to the changing perspectives of traffic safety. These include changes in vehicle design, driver demographics and skills, types of other road users, improvements in safety designs, and understanding of the complex interactions needed to provide safe travel,” said Police Commissioner B. Shivadhar Reddy. He called upon the officials of all departments to extent their cooperation to the traffic police. He felt that road safety programmes could be conducted at their level under the guidance of the traffic police.

Common causes

Some of the common causes of road crashes include driving under the influence of alcohol, cellphone driving, over-speeding and rash driving, overloading, use of high beam (headlight) in the city limits during nights, non-adherence to traffic rules, not stopping when pedestrians are crossing the road, pedestrians crossing the central divider at will, violation of the ‘one-way’ rule, turning vehicles to the right or left without giving the required indication, jumping the signal lights, footboard travel on buses, not maintaining the required gap between vehicles, not keeping the vehicles in condition, overtaking from the left, diminishing eyesight, speaking to others while driving, triple riding and minor driving.

Not wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler and seat belt in the car was contributing to the rise in deaths in road crashes. Improper handling of victims and not shifting them to hospital in the minimum possible time were the other major factors.

Mr. Shivadhar Reddy said a decision was taken to strictly enforce the helmet and seat belt rule, no sitting beside the driver in autorickshaws, a maximum of five children in school autos, enforcing speed restrictions within city limits, no parking of vehicles on the national highway, and auto drivers have to invariably wear uniform.

He appealed to two-wheeler drivers and pillions to invariably wear helmets during the week-long campaign. He said motorists who adhered to the traffic rules during the campaign would be identified and honoured in an appropriate manner. Those who violated the rules would be liable for penal action.

He reiterated his appeal to the people to adhere to the traffic rules and make Vizag an accident-free city.

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