Various activities were conducted in the summer cultural camp conducted by ndhra University Evergreen (1964-69) Charitable Trust for Mandal Parishad Elementary School students.

A two-month summer cultural camp conducted for students of Mandal Parishad Elementary School at Gandhinagar at Arilova concluded on Sunday evening.

About 80 students from Gandhinagar mandal elementary school and Thotagaruvu mandal high school attended the seven-week camp that began soon after the schools closed for summer holidays.

A host of activities were conducted to introduce children to classical and folk music and to help them learnt a few crafts during the period. Instructors were engaged to teach the children from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the camp time. The camp was organised by Andhra University Evergreen (1964-69) Charitable Trust. The engineering students of that batch have already adopted the GVMC primary school at MVP Colony in 2009. Last year a summer camp was conducted for them.

“This year we took up the activity at the Gandhinagar school after coming to learn that the residents had been rehabilitated from the Howrah Bridge area in mid-1980s,” said a member of the trust, Trinadh Sabbi.

Among the activities taken up were singing Annamacharya kirtanas, folk dance kolatam and tribal dance Dhimsa, folk and patriotic songs, pot, glass and cloth-painting and embroidery and sports like kho-kho, tennicoit, kabaddi. Around Rs.25,000 was spent on organising the classes.

At the valedictory on Sunday, students performed the items they learnt before the guests and their parents. Saplings were planted on the school premises to mark the occasion.

Books of Vemana and Dasaradhi Satakams donated by Ramayya Reddy who taught Annamachayra kirtanas were presented to the guests by students. GVMC Balyam project in charge K. Vijay Kumar who participated in the valedictory was felicitated on the occasion.

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