The once popular baby at the park is now crying for attention

The Children's Park on the Beach Road opposite the YMCA has turned out to be a huge disappointment for children and an eyesore for tourists. The play equipment like the slides, swings and see-saws are missing. The once-popular ‘baby' is crying for attention but the authorities concerned seem to be unmoved.

The popular park, which was renovated during the second half of 2009, was one of the favourite haunts for children to chill out on the beach. The ‘realistic' statues of a baby at the park and a life-size elephant, a few yards away were the major attractions for the children till last year. The ‘baby' has lost its sheen and tusks of the elephant are broken.

There used to be three to four slides, in various shapes, to satisfy the fancies of children with different temperaments. The fibre-body slides, in different hues, seemed to have been used to prevent the possibility of iron slides getting rusted. The foresight of the planners seems to have gone waste and the slides are missing but the iron ladders and base are intact.

About a year ago, the slides developed holes making it nearly impossible for the children to play.

With the summer vacation on, parks are the favourite haunts of children to chill out. The present state of the children park is that kids can go up the ladders but they have to jump down in the absence of the slides. The swings and see-saws are completely missing.

Thankfully, the Indira Gandhi Children Park at Ramakrishna Beach, which was also in bad shape till sometime ago, was repaired giving some respite to children. Only parents of little children can understand the difficulty in convincing their kids when they are unable to play at parks.

Are the municipal corporation authorities listening?

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