It was a rewarding experience for the pupils of Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan here on Sunday when designer of Indian rupee symbol D. Udaya Kumar explained to them how he designed the symbol and answered their questions.

Dr. Udaya Kumar, at present an Assistant Professor of IIT-Guwahati first explained through a power point presentation on how and why he designed the symbol for a competition conducted by the RBI and Central government and the research and hard work he had done.

Unique symbol

Ensuring originality to the symbol and making it unique were important. He designed it like the Devanagiri script which represented Indian culture and uniqueness.

The symbol represented the country's balanced economy, its unique identity discriminating it from countries with the same currency and its thought provoking meaning, said Dr. Udaya Kumar.

“India is the only country with a symbol for its currency among all the countries that have rupee as their currency”, he said.

The symbol has local and global appeal, familiar and easy to read, blends with all numerals, has a balance and stable look, easy to be reproduced in all sizes, and many more advantages, he said.

Dr. Udaya Kumar said he had spent a lot of time on designing the symbol and drawn some characteristics of the symbol that represented a flag flying with the waves, perennial rivers of the country, patriotism, etc.

The rupee symbol designer advised students to follow their passion and dreams and achieve success. All should be responsible citizens and give back to be able to make the country proud.

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